The HDD Viewer is a tool that lets you playback and archive the video data on the hard disk from DVR( Digital Video Recorder ). By using HDD viewer, you can easily search the video for a critical moment and export the images or video to standard Jpeg/ AVI format as important evidence.

| Software Manual | | HDDViewer2.28 Setup for MJPEG | | HDDViewer2.28 Setup for MPEG4 |


Viewer software is a remote viewer software for control the DVR.
-This software supports the multiple functions of the network.
-It can search as many DVRs as necessary.
-It can support two display modes and help you control your favorite screen sizes.
-It has an extremely powerful search mode to help you search recorded data for the event / time you want.
-It supports your local PC simultaneously with the DVR backup data.

| Software Manual | | Viewer Software Manual | | Viewer Software V4.45 |

Prosecutor Ticket Printing Software

  This Windows based software runs on an optional laptop that connects to the Prosecutor MJPEG via a wireless or wired LAN connection. A vehicle speed is entered and when the speed of the vehicle exceeds this speed a JPEG image of the vehicle and license plate is automatically downloaded and printed on a template form of a PD Speeding Ticket. Images can also be manually initiated along with video .avi clips. Any Radar or Lidar Gun that the Prosecutor System supports will work including all Kustom Signal, MPH, Decatur, Stalker, Laser Atlanta, and many more.

| Prosecutor Printing Software v1.0 Setup | | Prosecutor Printing Software User Guide |

Removable Rack
  This rack can be installed in any Windows XP Computer making it a master drive in the first 4 physical drive locations. This makes it easy to go directly from the Prosecutor Digital to the PC for viewing, backup or archiving.
USB to IDE Adapter   This adapter can plug directly to the Removable rack to allow a USB connection to the laptop or PC from the Prosecutor HD. For portability or field use this is the simple answer.