• Triple Shock Mounted “Click Here for More Specs
  • Industrial Grade MPEG4 DVR with up to 2 HDD or DVD with 1 HDD
  • 30 x Day / Night Auto Focus Zoom Camera with Rear Controls and adjustable Windshield mount
  • Lockable Removable Hard Drive
  • 2 Pc 500 GB 2.5" Hard Drive and SD Card Backup (Optional DVD-R/W Backup)
  • Up to 185 Hours of 60ips Continuous Recording with Standard Resolution with 2 HDD
  • Available as an Upgrade from the Prosecutor VCR
  • Radar, Laser, GPS, Card Reader, G-Force Interface Included as Standard Equipment
  • PC Playback and Backup Software Included
  • Include Backseat Color IR camera for total dark vision with Audio
  • Available in PAL or NTSC
  • Record Over Protection
  • Realtime Playback 60FPS at 720 x 480 Resolution
  • Three User Selectable Recording Modes: Basic, Standard, High, Best
  • Ethernet LAN standard with included Wireless 802.11 for remote viewing, downloading and programming.

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