How to Burn CDs or DVDs



The following is a procedure to get your video file on a CD that can be played back on any computer.

1. Since you have Nero (other conversion software is available), install it on the same computer having the Prosecutor software installed. This is critical because the Prosecutor software installs the AVE1 codec necessary for viewing the AVI file.

2.  Using the "Start" menu on your computer, click "All Programs" - "Nero.." - "Photo and Video" - "Nero Vision".

3. On the Nero Vision screen click "Make Movie".

4. Next load the AVI file you want to convert by clicking the blue "Browse for Media" button (upper right-hand quadrant of screen) and then clicking "Browse", or by right-clicking somewhere in the window above it and clicking "Browse". Find the AVI file and click on it and a thumbnail with the file name will appear in the window. Double-click on the thumbnail to load it. The first frame of the video should appear in the upper left-hand quadrant of the screen.

5. Click "Export" at the bottom of the screen. This will change the screen for you to input the export settings. You have a choice between MPEG-1 (VCD) or MPEG-2 (DVD) formats, but I'd suggest using MPEG-1 to minimize the file size and conversion time.

6. Select "MPEG-1" for file type, "NTSC" for video mode, "4:3" for aspect ratio, and I'd suggest "320 x 240" for size, again, to keep the file size and conversion time down. These settings will convert the 12 minute clip in about 30 minutes depending on your computer. The AVI file is "720 x 480" if you want to keep it the same size.

7. Select the name and destination for your output file.

8. Click "Export".

When finished you will get an MPEG-1 video file that can be played back on any computer with Windows Media Player (etc.) as the file now has the MPEG-1 codec. You can then use Nero or Windows Media Player to burn the file onto a CD for playback on a computer, or use Nero to burn it as a VCD for playback on a computer or DVD player.